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An instant of pure joy for yourself, or to share with others.

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The Start of the Adventure

It all started when three friends from South Africa who all happen to be chefs, decided to jump in at the deep end and buy a small gourmet candy factory in Langley, BC. With little more than a dream of helping people discover and celebrate those little moments of joy in all our lives, we went to work crafting the most delicious gourmet candy as an expression of this celebration.

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Our Candy

Making quality, hand-crafted candy in small batches using only the best locally sourced ingredients is part of what makes us special.

All our products are traditionally made in a slow and deliberate manner, ensuring an authentic taste that is overwhelmingly rewarding. Our product line is completely Gluten Free, and our Turkish Delight is Vegan as well.

Through our Candy, we invite people on a journey of discovery with us, introducing the world to tantalizing new flavour combinations that are outrageously Delicious.

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What's important to us.

Our true north star will always be the small-town community in which we operate. We aim to become the caramel-filled heart of the Fraser Valley!

As New-Canadians finding our place in this wonderful mosaic that makes up Canada, we were overwhelmed by the kind-heartedness we found in our new home.

Our small way of repaying this is by helping our customers discover those scarce, but exhilarating moments of joy scattered throughout one's life through our gourmet candy.

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